In the current digital world, animation should be every marketer's best friend due to the numerous opportunities that it provides. Advancement in technology has helped the industry to transition from cartoons to animated emails, animated GIFs, and animated brand campaigns.
The question that still lingers is, are animations good for business? Numerous studies and experiments have proved that animations are very effective in increasing brand awareness, spurring engagements with customers and boosting conversion rates.

Frank Abagnale, the expert of Semalt gives some of the primary reasons why you should consider incorporating animations in your marketing campaigns.

Visual Marketing Never Disappoints
Consumers respond better to visuals than blocks of text. The professional animations have perfect voice overs, soundtracks and are accompanied by a written ad copy. Every aspect of an animation is visual, where colors are expertly selected to make it relevant to the target audiences irrespective of their demographics.

Quickly Delivers the Intended Message
Most people do not have time to read a lengthy product description or buying guide. You can cut the chase by conveying the same message by using an animated video or GIF. It has been proven that animations enable consumers to understand information in a clear and straightforward manner without bombarding them with endless statistics, charts, and text.

They also help to describe complex concepts in a simple to understand format by stripping off unnecessary details that often confuse the audience. Discover a new and consumer-friendly way of explaining how clients should use your product by creating an animated explainer video.

Animations are Easy to Share and Digest
We are inherently programmed to enjoy and fall in love with animations due to the many years that most of us spent watching cartoons. Research shows that animations are five times more likely to be shared on social media than a blog post. Strive to make your animation as entertaining, informative, and engaging as humanly possible to increase its chances of getting shared.

Animations Offer Higher ROI than Other Marketing Materials
The primary objective of your marketing campaign is to increase brand awareness and sales. It should be able to convert viewers into possible prospects, leads, and buyers. Animations are even superior to your SEO efforts as they tap into the human psychology.

Here are some interesting statistics to help you understand the real power of animations.
  • In search results, most animated videos record 41% higher CTR than written text.
  • When posted on the landing page, animations can increase conversion rate by 70%.
  • Web visitors spend 100% more time on landing pages that have engaging videos than on other web pages.
  • Animations and videos are shared 12,000 more than text, simple pages, and links

Animations are Cost Effective
The cost of hiring a team of professional motion picture specialists, graphic designers, and voiceover actors may seem too high for your business. However, compared to the hiring actors, models, hiring a set, renting cameras, microphones, lights and other resources required to create conventional videos, animations are more affordable.

There are also plenty of tools and resources that you can use to create straightforward and simple animations without spending a fortune.

Bonus Tips
Animation has the ability to scale up your business. Use them wisely, adapt it to the subject matter and audience, make it accessible across all media channels, and publish it at the right time to achieve the highest possible conversion rates.

Author: Muhammad Nasir

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